Cop found you at-fault? You got the ticket? Your own insurance adjuster thinks you're at-fault?

I don't care about their opinions

Call 1-833-DILLIGAF

Let me be perfectly clear:

  • I don't care who got the ticket.
  • I don't care what a police officer who didn't see your crash occur thinks is at-fault in your crash.
  • I don't care what some insurance adjuster thinks about your injuries.

I'm a former claims adjuster who has investigated hundreds of injury cases.

Now I work for my clients. I've gotten recoveries for my clients when cops and claims adjusters thought my clients were at-fault for crashes. I've gotten recoveries for clients who didn't think they had cases.

I don't care about opinions. I care about bikers. I care about justice.

I believe in getting justice for my biker clients. That's why I call myself a "motorcycle justice attorney." I've ridden motorcycles since 1984 and own two bikes that I ride every chance I get. Thursdays at my law firm are bike days. I ride into work on Thursdays instead of driving unless I have to be in court or otherwise dress up.

I'm also a biker who's the son of a biker. My father, Bob Dillingham, was the National Sergeant-in-Arms of the Pagans MC. That's my father below.

I know what it's like out there for us. It's dangerous and getting more dangerous every day. We may not dodge bullets like Bob did, but we must deal with texting drivers and cagers who turn left in front of us or rear-end our machines when we are stopped at intersections.

I've been injured by careless drivers too. Below is a X-ray of my neck after a careless driver crashed into me. I had to have what's called a cervical fusion. The doctor removed my c6-7 disc and replaced it with a cadaver bone, a plate, and four screws.

Biker lives matter. If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, then call Dillingham Law.

No recovery? Then you owe me nothing. No fees. No costs. Nothing.

Let me fight the good fight for you.

I ride. I litigate. Hire a second-generation biker for your biker personal injury case.

I'll use all my knowledge and experience to help you.