I'm Attorney Chris Dillingham. I've ridden motorcycles since 1984 and own two bikes that I ride every chance I get.

If you've been in a motorcycle accident, then call a lawyer who rides and understands how much you love your bike and riding it.

I'll represent you for 25% of your total recovery plus my costs if I don't have to file a lawsuit. If I recover more than $2M for your case without having to file a lawsuit, then I'll only charge you 20% plus my costs. (The fee schedule changes if I must file a lawsuit for you.)

That's how strongly I feel about careless drivers hurting bikers.

No recovery? Then you owe me nothing. No fees. No costs. Nothing.



Here is my personal cellphone number: 407-463-3506. Call me if someone hurts you while you're on a bike.

Ride safe. It's dangerous out there.