Cop found you at-fault? You got the ticket? Your own insurance adjuster thinks you're at-fault?

I don't care about their opinions

Call 1-833-DILLIGAF

Let me be perfectly clear:

  • I don't care who got the ticket.
  • I don't care why a police officer thinks you're at-fault for your crash
  • I don't care what some insurance adjuster thinks about your injuries.

I'm a former claims adjuster who has investigated hundreds of injury cases. I was a Florida cop too. Now I work for my clients. I've gotten recoveries for my clients when cops and claims adjusters thought my clients were totally at-fault for crashes.

I don't care about unsupported opinions. I care about facts. I care about justice.

I believe in getting justice for my biker clients. That's why I call myself a "motorcycle justice attorney." I've ridden motorcycles since 1984 and own three bikes that I ride every chance I get.


I know what it's like out there for us. It's dangerous and getting more dangerous every day.

I've been injured by careless drivers too. Below is a X-ray of my neck after a careless driver crashed into me. I had to have what's called a cervical fusion. The doctor removed my c6-7 disc and replaced it with a cadaver bone, a plate, and four screws.

Biker lives matter. If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, then call Dillingham Law.

No recovery? Then you owe me nothing. No fees. No costs. Nothing.

Let me fight the good fight for you.

I ride. I litigate. Hire a second-generation biker for your biker personal injury case.

I'll use all my knowledge and experience to help you.