Making Clients’ Lives Easier

The most common complaint clients make to the Florida Bar about attorneys is a lack of communication about what’s going on in their cases.

Clients are sometimes anxious about their cases. The process is new to them and lawyer advertising doesn’t do a good job of explaining how the legal system works.

Lawyers should call their clients once a month to give them updates. Sometimes clients want information NOW though. I get that. I’ve been there myself. It’s stressful.

My way of helping clients deal with that stress is to use a Cloud-based case management system called MyCase.

MyCase allows my clients to see and read every document I send to an insurance company, adjuster, or the other side’s attorney.

My clients can also see and read every motion I file with the court and every motion the other side files.

All my clients need to do if they want to know what’s going on with their cases is sign onto MyCase. They can even download documents if they want copies for themselves.

My clients can also message me 24/7 using MyCase’s encrypted messaging tool.

Want to know your next court date? When you must respond to discovery requests? It’s all in MyCase’s Calendar section.

Most “traditional” law firms use PC-based case management systems like Client Profiles, Prevail, and others. I don’t like those systems. You need a real computer and Internet connection to use them and clients don’t get access to those systems. They also tend to be bloated with features most people don’t use.

That causes a lot of needless phone calls and questions. I believe in making things simple for my clients.

My clients and I can access MyCase from our cellphones if we want. I’ve sent clients documents and responded to their messages from the Bahamas. MyCase allows me to work on a client’s case from anywhere that has a cellular connection.

Sometimes all clients want is a little knowledge to make them feel better. I’ve used other software systems at other law firms, and no case management system has made my clients happier than MyCase.


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