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I'm Christopher R. Dillingham, II, Esq.

I own and operate Dillingham Law, PLLC, and I'd be honored to represent you for your personal injury case.

 Dillingham Law represents personal injury clients anywhere in Florida. That means from the Florida Keys to the Florida Panhandle.

Representing injured people is my passion, and I strive to get the best possible result for all my clients. No lawyer can promise you a particular result, but I promise you that I'll use all my legal skills and knowledge to fight for you. I only get paid when you make a recovery.

Results matter.

My first big case was a gentleman who fell off a ladder while trimming a tree at his friend's house. He suffered devastating injuries that required several surgeries. He would never be the same again. Another attorney called me and said he wanted me to handle the case because he didn't know what to do with it.

Several attorneys told me to dump the case. They thought it was a loser. I disagreed.

When I called the claims adjuster, she told me she wouldn't pay me a penny. That angered me. I told her that she'd wind up paying me her policy limits when I was done.

When I finished the case, That adjuster paid out the policy limits of $300,000. My client cried with relief when I called to tell him the good news. The defense attorney stated he had never seen anything like my Power Point demand and called it "A preview of what trial would look like." I had embedded video, medical records, and pictures of my client's horrible injuries in it as well as a video interview of my client explaining how those injuries had changed his life.

I don't do anything halfway. It's all or nothing for me. That's what my clients deserve.

Since then, I've had the pleasure of congratulating many clients about their recoveries in personal injury cases. I'm proud I've helped so many deserving people.

I'd like to do the same for you in your case.

Call me toll-free at 1-833-345-5442  and let's discuss your case. I offer free consultations and will never owe me a thing unless I make a recovery for you.