Client Reviews

  1. Chris was everything and more than I could have asked for in a lawyer. He truly cared about my case and worked hard at every detail. He kept me informed at all times and was always timely and very well organized. There is no better feeling as a client then knowing your lawyer is 100% fully committed and working hard for you. Chris was always selfless and informative when explaining the details and options of the case. He certainly is determined and He puts up a hard fight, you can’t go wrong here!
  2. Christopher Dillingham was an answer to our prayers. When we were illegally arrested last year and had my wife’s cell phone taken by the police for recording it, we were lost and scared. Christopher drove almost 2 hours the day after we bailed out to come give us a consultation. His knowledge, confidence and reputation made it a no brainer to retain him as our attorney. He is like no attorney I’ve ever encountered. He kept us informed every step of the way, he was easy to reach and always returned my calls. His hard work and dedication is why both of our cases were dismissed from the State Attorney’s office. Even after the criminal case was offer, Christopher helped us file a civil suit against the Sheriff’s office for the violations of our civil rights. I can tell you I am nothing, but pleased with the results from both the criminal and civil case and would never use another attorney as long as I live in FL. Best attorney, hands down!
  3. Chris took the opposing lawyers in the ring. He was the underdog, but he had no fear. He used a little rope-a-dope, some hard punches, and no fear and gave the other side what for. When the fight was over, Chris had won a reasonable and sizeable settlement for my case Chris is smart, crafty, hard-working, and dilligent. If he can’t get you a settlement, no one can. But you have to be patient. Resolving these kinds of cases for a good settlement takes time. I highly recommend him.
  4. What a gentleman! He answered all my questions. He answered the phone right away. He was polite, he is not the typical lawyer!!! So pleased with his help!
  5. Mr. Dillingham was referred to me by another attorney. I sustained a terrible injury and did not know what to do. Mr. Dillingham assured me that he would do everything in his power to help me. Mr. Dillingham stayed in contact with me and kept me informed of my options. Mr. Dillingham was able to resolve my case in 6 months by using a power-point presentation. I would highly recommend Mr. Dillingham to anyone. I not only gained an attorney but also gained a friend.
  6. Chris was very up on the laws that pertained to my case and what my rights are. The first meeting with him and I knew he was the lawyer I needed. He listened to my side of the story and didn’t talk down or over me. There was a mountain of made up evidence against me and three lying people trying very hard to sell it to the judge. I sat in court listening to all the lies and I was almost convinced I was guilty. Chris had spent three hours with me the first meeting and then another three before the hearing going over every possible thing that might come up. He is very straight forward and will tell you what you must do and not do to get the best outcome for yourself. He is a great communicator and was very good at getting the other side to contradict themselves and show they were lying. I have never known of a lawyer that spends so much time and effort to prepare themselves and their clients for a case. He is very reasonable with his fees and put in much more time than I believe I would have gotten for the money with any other lawyer. If this injunction would have been granted I would have never seen my grandson again and he is my heart. So this was the most important fight of my life and I believe Chris was the right man for the right time in my life. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for an honest,hardworking lawyer with some manhood. He will come and meet with you at your house or wherever you need to meet. This is a real blessing in certain situation and I never knew lawyers would do that. Thanks Chris you saved my life and me and my grandson are forever grateful.

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