If the police are investigating you or have arrested you, then you need an attorney who knows police procedure. Attorney Dillingham is a former Florida police officer who worked assignments in Corrections, Patrol, Vice, and the Detective Bureau. He was also a police academy instructor at three Florida law enforcement academies where he taught Basic Recruit classes and specialized investigative techniques to other police officers.

Attorney Dillingham’s insight into how the police operate (or should operate) can give him a tactical advantage in the courtroom. Here are two examples:

  • In a Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer case, Attorney Dillingham was able to get a deputy sheriff to admit on the stand that the deputy “abandoned his training” by allowing Attorney Dillingham’s client to “chest bump” the deputy several times. The result? A hung jury. The State did not retry the case.


  • In a high profile sexual battery case, Attorney Dillingham was able to formulate a trial strategy that showed the police officers did not conduct a fair and impartial investigation, did not try to gather evidence, ignored favorable evidence, and that the witness’ claim of “blacking out” was not credible. The jury found the client not guilty.


  • In a Stand Your Ground case, Attorney Dillingham was able to successfully obtain a three year probation period when the State initially wanted a client to serve a six year minimum-mandatory sentence.